Sea Pea

The Status of Sea Pea (Lathyrus japonicus) in Angus

In Angus the Sea pea along with other flowering plants is on the verge of extinction.  For many years it was known to be present in at least two sites.  One site occurs near the town of Carnoustie and is situated just north of Barry Links SSSI.  The other population was associated with Elliot Links SSSI.  The population at Elliot Links has become extinct.


The population near Carnoustie was relatively healthy in 2001 where Loizou reported about 2500 plants in an area covering 40m x 20m (800 square metres).  This site was recently re-visited by Dr Theo Loizou and Dr Les Tucker.  We had difficulties finding the plants but in the end discovered about 10 flowering plants covering an area of less than 20 square metres.


Furthermore there were no juvenile plants to be found.  In 2001, Loizou counted about 200 juvenile plants in the area.  None were detected in 2015.