During the past 22 years over 100 NVC surveys have been undertaken by Dr Theo Loizou in Britain.  During this time over 200 square kilometres have been mapped and described in detail.  The majority of all the known terrestrial NVC types occurring in Scotland have been described.  


A list of some key sites surveyed on behalf of Scottish Natural Heritage include:


Aldons Hill SSSI

Caenlochan SSSI

Drumochter Hills SSSI

Endrick Mouth SSSI

Forest of Alyth Mires SSSI

Glen Feshie SAC

Glen Lui SAC

Hascosay SSSI

Insh Marshes SSSI

Kinveachy Forest SSSI

Knockdaw Hill SSSI

Littleton Hill to Balhamie Hill SSSI

Montrose Basin SSSI

North Roe SSSI

Pinbain Burn to Cairn Hill SSSI

Whiting Ness to Ethie Haven SSSI

Yell Peatland SSSI


In 2005-2006, 22 Wildlife Sites were surveyed on behalf of the Scottish Wildlife Trust from Corsehillmuir Wood in Ayrshire to Spey Bay in Moray.


NVC Surveys have also been undertaken for the National Trust for Scotland and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.


In 2012, over 50 saltmarsh sites were surveyed with Mr Robin Payne in the Western Isles, Orkney and Shetland on behalf of Nature Bureau.  They included:


Baleshire to Kirkibost SSSI



Howbeg SSSI

Little Sea

Northton SSSI

Waulkmill Bay SSSI

Vallay SSSI


A detailed survey of the Rousay SSSI was undertaken for SNH on behalf of John Crossley in 2012.  For this site, 57 distinct vegetation types were described and mapped.




Caleodonian-Quoich-edit-1_001 Whting Ness to Ethie Haven_001 Bluebell-Wood Perthshire_001